Our Community 

Memphis, Tennessee. On the surface, it’s known as a river town, an iconic center of music history, and a destination for all lovers of barbecue. At GMACWorkforce, we all know that Memphis is all of these things – but also so much more.

Making Memphis Work

Coursing with creativity, pulsing with opportunity, and growing stronger each day, Memphis is a city that has come a long way, yet always pushes itself to be better. This perseverance is making Memphis thrive like never before.

Our purpose at GMACWorkforce is to tap into the great potential that already exists in our city, to streamline it, and make all sectors stronger in the process. Put simply, we help the Memphis workforce truly work.

What Is GMACWorkforce’s Role?

Acting as a facilitator and communicator, GMACWorkforce gets to the heart of creating a strong workforce: aligning education, employers, and employees to the same end goal. But what does this look like?

By connecting with employers in different industries across the city, GMACWorkforce determines what specific skills, education, and experience employers require for positions within their companies. With this knowledge, GMACWorkforce can communicate these requisite items to local educators, guiding their curriculum to best prepare students for the workforce, and to job seekers, who can find additional training or education to better themselves for a new job opportunity.

GMACWorkforce brings together the moving pieces that drive the workforce. Keeping communication open and priorities transparent fosters a sense of trust, teamwork, and support among our community.

Partner With GMACWorkforce

GMACWorkforce strives to bridge gaps, raise the bar, and open dialogue in our workforce. In taking these steps, Memphis can be better prepared to compete and adapt in our ever-changing world.

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