What We Do

The Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACWorkforce) was created in 2015, out of the Memphis and Shelby County Regional Economic Development Plan and the Greater Memphis Chamber's Chairman's Circle, in collaboration with the Brookings Institution Policy Program.  Managed by Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE), GMACWorkforce is a strategic consortium of educational institutions, workforce and community agencies, economic development entities, and employers working together to help solve Greater Memphis' skills gap.  


What We Do

GMACWorkforce works to create an effective pipeline of highly skilled workers tailored to the needs of area businesses through the collaboration of its partner organizations while also working every day to build career pathways between individuals and the area's high demand positions.  

As a workforce intermediary, GMACWorkforce leverages funding from federal grants and local philanthropic organizations to implement strategic change initiatives that encourage alignment and coordination across groups of workforce organizations in Memphis and Shelby County.

This type of model allows GMACWorkforce to address workforce challenges in the Greater Memphis Regional Area  proactively by using a dual customer approach that considers the needs of both employees and employers.

GMACWorkforce also helps to facilitate collaboration among local industries, education and training providers, and nonprofit service providers. These efforts can improve the ability of the Memphis region to develop a workforce with the skills and competencies employers need.